Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whirling Turban, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hawaiian Heaven by Whirling Turban
Hi everyone! The pool is cool, the grill is hot and fireflies light up the night. Its summer, folks! And summer usually means Hawaiian garb.
Since  I  was a little girl I have had at least one hawaiian themed garment in my closest. Unfortunately, this summer finds my closet sorely lacking. In my quest for a luau appropriate gown, I fell in love with Alfred Shaheen the tropical loving virtuoso who brought us the sarong dress. But love quickly turned to heartbreak as by budget currently frowns on such a hefty sum for an original Shaheen. Plus there is the delicate nature of vintage to consider. But that all changed when I discovered Whirling Turban.

Shaheen DreamShaheen Dream by Whirling Turban
             Enter the beautiful Shaheen Dream dress. Check out this description:                                                
                                              "A tribute to the design GENIUS of
                                              Alfred Shaheen, the Hawaiian
                                              design god of the 50's.This dress
                                                   is not only one of the most
                                                  flattering dresses to come out
                                                 of the 50's; it is certainly one of
                                                   the most flattering designs
                                                     of all time. And with that
                                                    (removable) shoulder sash, it's
                                                         just SO MUCH FUN!"
Can't argue with that, Huh? And the great thing about Whirling Turban is that each dress is hand crafted to fit the customer. So the dress fits like it was made to fit your figure, because it was! Isin't that great? And you have a choice of any fabric they offer which is even more appealing to me.