Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Coastal Fun

Hi guys! I have been running around like crazy lately. We have hit four states on an extended buying trip for our business. My fiancée and I found ourselves at the Winnie Texas flea market recently. Winnie isn't too far from Galveston so we decided to have some fun!
First we had lunch at Fishtails at Seawall beach in Galveston across the street from pleasure pier.
Check out the view! The food was fresh and tasty. I recommend the grilled yellowfin tuna with lemon pepper. 

After lunch, we got a wild hair.....

We went for a guided horseback ride on the beach with Beach Bum Horse Rides. I highly recommend them! Leslie and Bob are friendly, professional folks and their horses are great! It was a blast!
Me and Fiancée. Yes guys. I'm riding barefoot a'la Barefoot Contessa. After the ride we went fishing at Rollover Pass. 

At first, we only caught these little guys. I accidentally caught him this way, I almost cried I felt so bad! One of the locals unhooked him and released him, assuring me he would be okay. We moved spots and I caught this: 
This is what a 26 inch long Red Drum looks like! He had some fight in him too!

Little known fact. Fishing in the sea is fun, but when you are done you smell like cat food. Seriously . Later, we went back to the camp and grilled supper. 
What else? Red Drum with veggie kabobs. Well, better hit the hay. Big stuff coming up guys! 
Thanks for reading,