Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: Michael Kors Signature

Hi again everyone! My first review, how exciting!

I recently received through the mail a sample of Michael Kors Signature pefume courtesy of Elle Magazine. I was so thrilled! I have never sampled perfume before! And I was so thrilled I just had to tell someone which leads me to my first review.

I eagerly tore open the mailing envelope and there it was packaged in a pretty little silver box with its attendant papers. Maybe its just me but even the box hints at luxury.

And inside the little box was this .17 oz bottle. Not being one to wait I dabbed some on right away.

First Impression: Very lovely. Feminine Tuberose and other florals and warm woods work together for an overall rich yet light summery fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the senses.

Second Impression: After this fragrance warms up it starts to take on a more sophisticated personality. Elements of spice and incense begin to take center stage.

Overall Impression: Soft, feminine, sophisticated yet very wearable. Perfect Summer fragrance. I like that this is a go anywhere fragrance, you can wear to lunch with friends and later a romantic dinner for two. I also feel I can wear this fragrance without feeling like I am beating people over the head with it. It makes me feel ladylike with a hint of mystery.

Conclusion: I would definitely purchase! Though I think my little bottle will last me awhile as it only takes a dab and lasts all day ( even through a workout!).

Thanks for Reading
- Evie

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